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Modern Events in the Bible - Prophecies Fulfilled

Prophecies Fulfilled
Reported in both the Hebrew Old and Christian New Testaments, Angels showed and told Daniel and John (and others) of future events from certain sealed Books regarding an End Time Judgement involving the Hebrew God and Jesus Christ Religions.

Collectively those recorded future astronomical and historical events are now religiously perceived to be Signs of the Second Coming of Jesus and are called Prophecies.

Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg discovered that:

the referenced 'Angels' were human time travellers;

and identified the 'sealed Books' as being these three cd-roms.

The 'future events' shown and told to ancient people as reported in their respective writings relate to specific late 20th century astronomical and historical incidents that were recorded upon those data disks.

Pegg concluded that Finding modern events from these three cd-roms described and documented in the Bible is PROOF of TIME TRAVEL.

The purpose of all this by the Time Travellers was to place described dateable late 20th century astronomical and historical events in the Bible that together set the date for the beginning of the 'End Times Signs' (which are accompanied by specific time frames between certain described incidents).

Once identified, the dates of remaining Signs relating to a person named Michael, the Two Witnesses, and the Judging of Religions, would just fall into place.

This Book reveals:
- what now known historical events were told to Daniel, John, and Moses;

- a selection of now identified historical events as reported by Nostradamus;

- from which data disks those specific documented events were sourced;

- wherein their respective accounts those specific reports are chronicled;

- and in a religious context, the now identified events relating to the so-called SIGNS of Jesus.

What a theist refers to as 'prophecy given by one of God's angels' is simply an account by an ancient writer of his encounter with a human time traveller showing and telling him of future events from the three modern cd-roms.

What Pegg has found is going to rewrite history - and is not what religious people are expecting.

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