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God, Creation & Jesus - DEBUNKED

Atheists are frustrated when they demand that theists present proof from outside the Bible of their supernatural God claim and that Jesus 'was a real historical person' - but no evidence is forthcoming.

Theists equally resent atheists for not acknowledging as a scientific hypothesis, their assertion that 'God is a supernatural being who Created the world in six days and then appeared on earth as Jesus'.

Two Academic Papers in 2017 removed these stumbling blocks when the scientific method was able to be employed.

Citing a possible UFO description in the Book of Ezekiel, it was proposed that the GOD of the Bible COULD HAVE BEEN AN ALIEN and not a supernatural entity as religiously believed.

Regarding the JESUS 'historical' and 'was he supernatural' claims it was proposed that he simply COULD HAVE BEEN A TIME TRAVELLER.

As there were now alternatives that falsified the religious claims, a scientific investigation began.

The academic papers shattered over 3,200 years of religious beliefs regarding the Creation, God, and Jesus Stories.

Ronald Pegg's astounding Time Travel findings regarding Genesis and the Gospel of Mark have been validated and are now available.

These Books presents the evidence...
The Genesis 1 & 2 narratives were a recounting of pictures seen from modern cd-roms associated with a human time travel visit back to the past.

The debate is now over - there is and never was a supernatural GOD as traditionally religiously believed.

The Life of Jesus stories were reported descriptions of an associated human time travel interaction back in the past.

They were not about an actual ancient human person or a supernatural Being.

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