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The Discoveries of  Ronald Pegg

Australian researcher re-writes History

Myths, Legends, and Ancient Mysteries due to TIME TRAVEL Encounters - Back to the Past

Former gods, the Religious God, and prophetic Angels were misidentified Human Time Travellers

Evidence in Ancient Texts

Case Studies Reveal Encounters and Computer Technology

  • Mid 1990s Computer Technology has been found depicted in hieroglyphs and documented in ancient myths, legends, and texts.

  • Akkadian Enuma Elish Poem

  • Sumerian Clay Tablets

  • Stories of Egyptian Mythological Gods

  • Papyrus of ANI glyphs depict Computer Parts

  • Atlantis Island and Ring Mysteries Resolved

  • Nostradamus - Decoding Key Found in C6.Q54 - Described Events Dated - Apparatus Identified

  • 1800s Smith Encounter - Angels were Time Travellers - Picture of Plastic Case before plastic was invented

Evidence in the Bible

Angels were Time Travellers who told of Future Events

  • Strong's Concordance returned mistranslated Bible words back to their original meanings revealing encounters with a modern computer and cd-roms.

  • The 'Tablets of Testimony' given to Moses were modern compact disks - Ancients and Grolier.

  • A time traveller showed Ezekiel 'Wheels' and 'Temple' pictures from the Ancient Civilizations cd-rom.

  • Daniel describes imagery from the Ancients cd-rom and historical events from the Grolier cd.

  • The Gospel of Mark is an account of an encounter with the pictures from the Ancient Civilizations cd-rom.

  • Revelation describes imagery from the 1995 Ancients cd-rom, reports on The Persian Gulf War video from the 1993 Grolier cd-rom, and relates celestial information from the 1998 RedShift2 cd-rom.

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Proof of TIME TRAVEL - 2 Feature Books

Documented - Out - Of - Place - Artifacts

A cross section of ancient texts from 12 Countries over 25 Time Periods document human time travellers, descriptions of mid 1990s Computer Technology, and detailed picture sequences from 3 historical cd-roms.

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Prophecies in the Bible are simply documented future events shown to ancient writers from these 3 cd-roms.

Both the so-called prophecised 'End Time War' and 'Religious Judgement' involving the named 'Michael' relate to specific historical events from the late 20th century.

Case Studies from the New Testament (Daniel and Revelation) and from the Old Testament (Numbers, Judges, Exodus, and Kings) reveal that certain historical, religious, and astronomical events are recorded.

Finding Modern Events described in the Bible is Proof of TIME TRAVEL - Ronald Pegg

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What are the Consequences of Finding Time Travel Encounters in the Bible ?

  • Misunderstood Time Travel Encounters spawned religious stories

  • Some reported Angels were actually Time Travellers

  • The claim that there is a supernatural god has been disproven, undermining all Abrahamic Religions

  • The Jesus Stories are due to several perpetuated misconstrued time travel encounters

Returning many English mistranslations back to their original Hebrew and Greek meanings using Strong's Concordance reveals encounters with modern computer technology  (as pictured)

New knowledge reclassifies traditional Christian stories to mythological status - the same way we now view stories of ancient Greek Gods as entertaining legends, though those religious beliefs controlled every aspect of daily life back then.