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Found by two AUSTRALIA Researchers

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Queensland researcher found evidence of time travel recorded in many texts from the past. Well known traditional and prophetic stories contain chronicles of those encounters. Many ancient texts document, describe or depict computer technology from the 1990s. A series of 20 Booklets contain his research documentation and findings.

Eddy Pengelly  pictured

South Australian researcher was the first to confirm these discoveries.
He then conducted his own extensive research and made further breakthroughs which include the same Computer Technology being depicted by the ancient Egyptians.
A series of 12 E-Books present his discoveries and findings.

Ancient Texts Reveal their Secrets

Ronald Pegg claimed that

'Angels in the Bible (and other texts) were Time Travellers'

In some ancient sacred texts where a certain individual was visited by an ANGEL, that messenger was a human TIME TRAVELLER on a particular mission.

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